Tales From the (Unen)Crypt

Yesterday I was waiting in the lobby of one of our larger clients as I had arrived a bit early for a meeting. I was doing something really useful on my BlackBerry to kill time when a thirty-something year-old woman walked in and approached the receptionist. To protect the not-so-innocent, we’ll refer to her as Jane.

What I’m about to tell you is a true story.

Jane: “Hi, I’m here to see [name deleted] but I think I may be in the wrong building.”

Receptionist: “OK, where do you think you’re supposed to be?”

Jane: “Hold on let me call my office and I’ll find out.”

Jane now steps away from the receptionist desk, pulls her mobile phone from her purse and immediately begins dialing her office for information. She reaches someone who appears to be her assistant, given the following conversation. We’ll make some assumptions about the Assistant’s dialogue.

Jane: “Hi [name deleted] can you do me a favor? I need you to access my calendar to see where my meeting is this morning, I think I’m in the wrong building.”

Assistant: “No problem Jane! How do I get access to your calendar?”

Jane: “My password is ‘Password1’ with a capital ‘P’. Yeah I know it sucks.”

Assistant: “OK well I can’t get to your calendar from my PC.”

Jane: “Yeah you can use my PC, I never lock it.”

Cue Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, an ultra-closeup of highly polished men’s dress shoes as they one-by-one, shuffle towards a thirty-something woman in a black suit, the staccato click of their heels shattering the deafening silence now engulfing the steel and glass lobby, cut to a super-tight shot in slow-motion of a GreyCastle Security business card being drawn from inside suit pocket –

“Hey Reg! Sorry I’m late.”

As I’m snapped from that dreamscape carved straight from a Hollywood set, I realize that we can’t save everyone, and not everyone wants to be saved.

I hope Jane made it to her meeting on time. I hope she changed her password when she got back to the office and has started locking her PC. And her phone. I hope the title on her business card doesn’t say Comptroller. I hope Jane doesn’t have to learn the hard way that just a little bit of security can go a long way.

I hope.


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