Security Resolutions for 2012

When most people think of resolutions for the upcoming year, they think about gym memberships and Nicorette.

We think about advanced malware discovery.

Now to be completely honest, those of us at GreyCastle Security do think about things other than information security. We like Indian food. And a good drum solo. But when it comes to making meaningful changes for 2012, we’re all business.

Without doing a whole lot of bragging, 2011 has been a good year for us. But like any business, you must adapt or suffer the consequences. And in this industry, things change rapidly. Threats, vulnerabilities, budgets – even our clients and prospects.

So as December fades into January, or as we call it – Strategic Planning Season – we’re performing a little field surgery on GreyCastle Security. Some of it is cosmetic. Some of it is orthopedic. All of it will help us be even better in 2012 than we were in 2011.

Here’s a preview;

  1. We’re going to assess our services. Today we offer world-class services that deliver real results. The frameworks and methodologies that we utilize are effective and consistent, hardened and trued over the years by experts with decades of experience. This is our strength. And potentially our weakness. The world is changing, and so is the perception of information security. In 2012 we will develop ways to position and deliver our services that challenge the traditions that we lean on.
  2. We’re going to assess our pricing. Our current pricing is fair and balanced and provides clients with convenient options. But it may not accurately represent the value of the services that we deliver. Over the next few months we will revisit our pricing to ensure that both GreyCastle Security and our clients are experiencing maximum ROI.
  3. We’re going to assess our competition. Today we have no direct competitors. Tomorrow that advantage could vanish. National providers, IT VARs, independent consultants and others all see the opportunity in information security, and they want a piece of the rapidly growing pie. Our lead on these entities is substantial, but we must be strategic in our thinking and tactical in our advances if we are to maintain this lead.
  4. We’re going to assess the enemy. More accurately, enemies, some of which are working for the good guys. In this battle we are being flanked on all sides by hackers, malicious insiders, well-meaning employees, nation states, compliance requirements, security vendors, the government – the list is long. And we will keep our sights trained on the true enemy – risk – and continue to deliver services that effectively reduce risk for our clients.
  5. We’re going to assess our brand. Success requires many skills and attributes, none more important than trust and integrity. We will infuse these characteristics into everything we do. And the world will know we are GreyCastle Security.

We have seen countless predictions of what 2012 will bring; increases in mobile malware, a predilection for the cloud, the rise of targeted attacks and continued security unawareness.

For those who recognize the need for adequate protective measures these are simply challenges to be met by a solid business plan and security fundamentals.

For the rest of you, may I suggest an updated resume. 🙂

We wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year.


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