Foo Fighters, Muscle Cramps and Security

It was roughly 6:30 AM ET when I rounded the last corner of my morning run, approaching the bridge over the Hudson River that would eventually lead me home. As I made the turn, I was headed East into the sunrise. I had less than one mile to go, and my playlist was a perfect concoction of Beastie Boys, MegaDeth and Foo Fighters. It was 60 degrees and a perfect morning for a run (if there is such a thing).

As I got to the foot of the bridge I noticed another runner coming towards me on the opposite side of the road. He was an older gentleman, probably in his late 50s or early 60s, tall and thin with grey hair. I’m always impressed when I see someone at that age out running, as it takes a feat of will to get me out the door some days, and I’m young enough to not be old.

As we approached each other, I began sizing him up as I assumed he did of me. Was I running faster than him? Was I in better shape? Was I running farther? As human beings we are programmed to be competitive by nature, if only to survive. It is instinctive to measure ourselves against one another, as our very ego depends on it.

Then it happened. As it nearly always does in these situations. As the elderly man passed me, he waved. And I waved back. Not just default, meaningless gestures, but a real momentary connection.

You see, regardless of egos or competitive spirit, we shared a common bond – the agony of the alarm clock, dehydration and fatigue. We were kindred spirits. Brothers in arms.

And then it occurred to me – why doesn’t this happen in the security industry?

In an environment where the agony is far greater than muscle cramps and much longer than 4 miles, why is it that competitors can’t share that same connection?

Perhaps it’s because money is involved. Some security companies are much more successful than others. This inequality can heighten rivalries, even if undue. Perhaps it’s because egos are involved. Just like athletes, everyone wants to feel like their firm is the best, even in the absence of real measurements. Perhaps it’s because security is a personal experience. It’s serious business, and people take it seriously.

If I had the answers I wouldn’t be writing this blog, I’d be fixing the problem. In any case, I, my partners, my team and all at GreyCastle Security are committed to sharing, partnering and promoting this industry by working together and not creating fiefdoms.

We’re not going to win this war if we’re fighting ourselves.


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One response to “Foo Fighters, Muscle Cramps and Security”

  1. hande candan says :

    That was a great article, I enjoyed reading it… and I agree to you as money can be a great tool that opens every door for us, it is also a poison that divides us.


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