Bad News – Just in Time for the Weekend

The most recent Ponemon study reveals what we’ve all been dreading – just when it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, they manage to crash and burn. According to the popular survey, more than 90% of respondents have been breached, and more than 50% of those who have already been breached expect it to occur again. Not surprisingly, greater than 50% of those surveyed were “not confident in their security”.

On the surface it seems that one of three things is occurring:

  1. Attackers are widening the tactics and tools gap, despite the millions (maybe billions?) of dollars that are poured into security research and development every year. The reality is, hackers like Vladimir Levin don’t play by any rules, which gives them a distinct advantage.
  2. Those of us who are in the business of securing important assets aren’t doing a great job. We may be focusing on the wrong things, or poorly implementing the right things or just not doing anything because our message is ill-timed, ill-crafted, or both.
  3. CEOs, CFOs, business owners and other decision makers still don’t care about security. This happens for any number of reasons – some continue to believe that they have nothing of value, and are safely flying under attackers’ radar, and some are so deluged with databreach headlines that they are paralyzed by overinformation.

Of course we’ve all seen plenty of each.

Now certainly I recognize that these datapoints come from a single study, and although Ponemon is highly respected, it is still a single point in time. However, if you spend long enough in the trenches, you’ll see these statistics playing out across boardrooms, data centers and watercoolers in every corner of the country. Sadly, it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.

Have a great weekend.


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